Greta and Mark Wedding

In the months between meeting Greta and shooting her wedding, I discovered something interesting. Ask someone if they know her, and the response is inevitably, "Greta? Oh yeah, she's awesome." I have come to agree with that sentiment. I really enjoyed getting to know her and Mark.

This was really a perfect wedding day. Davies Plantation has never looked prettier, thanks to wonderful work by Everbloom Designs. And I don't think I've seen anything cooler than Mighty Souls Brass Band follwing Mark and Greta down the aisle.

I had Melissa Sweazy along with me for this one again-- thanks for being an awesome (there's that word again) wing-lady! Lots of her images are throughout this post. (Including the two "lonely child" pictures, which are hilarious. See if you can find them.)

Warning-- this is kind of an epic post. There was just too much fun stuff happening on this day!

The ceremony details were just amazing. Kristin Wolter-Canfield really outdid herself!

Very cool washing of the feet ritual before the wedding:

The reception details were just as stunning.

GretaMark (372).jpg