Quinlan Bridal Session

Quinlan had a cool idea for her bridal session-- she wanted to shoot in the backyard of a family friend. She told me about how this was an amazing backyard garden, with lush landscaping. She mentioned the street in East Memphis, but couldn't remember the address. I told her I'd actually grown up on that street, but it certainly couldn't be the house I grew up in-- that house didn't have much going on in the backyard.

Fast forward several weeks, and the house actually is the house I grew up in! I met the family friend, who actually bought the house from my parents all those years ago. The backyard was just as stunning as Quinlan had described-- an amazing variety of trees, plants and flowers. The bad part? There were torrential rains the day of the shoot, and we weren't able to use any of it! But, we improvised and got some beautiful shots.