I neglect this blog, but it's certainly not because I'm not using my camera. 

I've heard that in order to be a successful photographer, you need to "find your niche and focus." I've always had a tough time doing that, since I enjoy lots of different kinds of shooting. It's all related to me-- how do I make something look interesting or beautiful? What can I put into a photo, technically and artistically, to make it successful? How can I make this client happy, while also keeping myself happy? 

So here are a few of the random things I've been shooting the past month.

My cute-as-hell nephew.

A fun story for Edible Memphis where I got to eat this awesome app from Tsunami restaurant:

Another fun kid portrait shoot with the Shah family:

A group photo of 60 people at the Peabody:

More newly-completed units at the awesome Artesian condo building downtown:

A groundbreaking event in Byhalia:

Another event for the fine folks at Memphis University School:

My daughter and her buds after being inducted into the National Elementary Honor Society:

What's next?